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Clean Up your Diet

drink water and stay hydrated eat fresh veggies to stay well eat fresh fruit to stay well
Most of our available food is ruined in one way or another. No one is smart enough to guide you through this toxin and parasite riddled mess! You must learn to muscle test with one of the one-handed styles of muscle testing, either the finger-push-resist method or the finger-thumb-friction method. Then you can test your food before you buy it. (See the Muscle Testing variety, by Dr. James R. Overman, N.D.).

Muscle test all foods bought in the grocery, before buying them, using the statement, "This is safe to eat". Muscle test all foods bought in health food stores. Over half of them are not safe.

The most important rule is to eat food that is closest to the way God made it. The more man has tampered with it, the more it will be ruined. 

Most cold cereals are contaminated with solvents and added chemicals. Cooked cereals are more likely to be safe and free of contamination. Most canned juices contain chlorine, antifreeze and other pollutants. The best brand Dr. Overman has found is Welch's. It is better yet to squeeze your own. 

Fresh produce is better than frozen, and frozen is better than canned. Fresh produce should be free of genetic engineering and irradiation. Insist that your grocer eliminate these abominations from his store. Fresh produce should be thoroughly scrubbed and have the stem and blossom ends removed. Never use fruits and vegetables with soft spots. These contain molds!.

Drink plenty of water, but never consume water from the hot faucet since it contains more dissolved metals. Dr. Overman prefers reverse osmosis water. Never clean wells or cisterns with sodium hypochlorite laundry bleach. It contains the extremely carcinogenic radioactive Polonium 210. Muscle test in billionths of a gram. Polonium 210 causes malignant cells to divide. (See the recorded seminar, The Alternative Treatment of Cancer, by Dr. James R. Overman, N.D.). Muscle test all drinking water to be free of Polonium 210 down to billionths of a gram.

The worst problem with dairy products is that they probably contain living bacteria, protozoa and/or worm eggs. Either muscle test for safety, zap with a Harmonic Quad zapper with a milk zapping attachment for 3 minutes, magnetic pulse 3 minutes or boil for 10 seconds and put in a clean container. Dairy products may also contain antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and other toxins.

Avoid eating Biblically unclean meats. (See the recorded seminar, Health Assessment, by Dr. James R. Overman, N.D.). Home raised meats or certified organic meats should be a notch above others. Muscle test to be sure. All meats must be cooked well done, to kill parasites and other infectious agents. (See the book, Overcoming Parasites Naturally, by Dr. James R. Overman, N.D.). Meats cooked in a microwave are not well done, since the cooking is uneven. Avoid eating cured, smoked, highly seasoned or prepared meat products, such as hot dogs, sausages or luncheon meats. Most are polluted with nitrates or solvents, and potentially with bacteria, round worm eggs and fluke and tapeworm stages.

It is best to bake your own bread from whole grains you have freshly ground yourself, from grain you have muscle tested to be free of mold toxins, down to millionths of a gram. Store baked goods in paper bags, not plastic ones. Keep baked goods refrigerated to avoid mold growth. If you must purchase your baked goods, at least muscle test for the best varieties. Many brands of whole grain breads have been ruined, and do not muscle test to be any good.

Avoid buying highly flavored foods. They contain solvents and the flavors cover the taste of moldy or spoiled ingredients. For example, every package of flavored corn chips. Dr. Overman tested contained one or more mold toxins, but the unflavored corn chip did not.

Fried foods are hard to digest, and are likely fried in chemically modified or solvent polluted fats. never eat trans fats or other chemically modified, partially hydrogenated or synthetic fats or oils.

Do not cook in aluminum pans or contact food with aluminum foil. Do not cook in chemically coated, nonstick pans. It is best not to use any metal cooking utensils. Instead use glass, ceramic or enamel.

Make condiments and salad dressing yourself from muscle tested ingredients, or at least muscle test prepared ones before buying them.

Never eat any food exposed to molds. Muscle test all food products made from grain, before purchasing them, for the absence of mold toxins down to millionths of a gram.

Try to eliminate sucrose (table sugar) from your diet. Use honey, Xylitol or stevia as a replacement. Use a genuine sea salt, such as Real SaltTM.

Eating from salad bars is likely to expose you to bacteria, chemical spray and/or MSG. Again muscle test your food and avoid restaurants that don't test well. Ask restaurants if they use MSG. Avoid those who do.

Thank God for your food and ask Him to make it suitable for your body's health.

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