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Product FAQ's

Harmonic Quad Zapper    Ozonator    Magnetic Pulser

What is the difference between the Zapper and the Magnetic Pulser?
  • The Zapper operates on a different technology than the Magnetic Pulser.
  • The Zapper is based on frequency.
  • The Magnetic Pulser technology is based on a variant magnetic field. WATER OZONATOR:
    What type of water should I use to ozonate?
    For quicker saturation with ozone for drinking we recommend cold, purified (filtered) water. Distilled water can also be used. Please note: Cold or ice water saturates with ozone to a greater degree than warm water. The WOZ3 meets minimum requirements for water sterilization and is meant to be used for small quantities of water.

    What is the difference between Colloidal Silver and Ozonated Water?
    Colloidal Silver has properties that kill pathogens. If enough ozone is added to the water pathogens are killed as well. The purpose of the Water Ozonator is to add ozone (and therefore oxygen) to the water. So with ozone not only are pathogens killed, but extra oxygen is added to the water as a plus.

    What does the mg/hr rating mean on the Water Ozonater?
    Ozone Output: The WOZ4 is rated at a true 200mg/hr. There are two methods in use to rate ozone output. The most accurate measure is ozone-in-air. SOTA's unit was tested using a GM Anceros ozone-in-air analyzer. Most manufacturers use a chemical titration method that gives an incorrectly high rating. Ozone concentration is maximum 2.9 Gamma (mg/l) at 0.5 LPM flow rate.

    Can I use pure oxygen with the Water Ozonator?
    No. For pure oxygen use a more expensive unit made for medical purposes.
    I can't smell the ozone anymore, why?
    We do become accustomed to the smell, but if you'd like to make sure your unit is working correctly you can do two checks: When the unit is turned on the green light at the front of the unit should be on. To check if the pump is working make sure there are bubbles coming out of the air-stone. If there are no bubbles or the green light is not on, then the unit is not working. Unplug the unit and send it in for repair.

    Is Ozone Safe?
    Drinking ozonated water is entirely safe. Ozone is oxygen with a third molecule of oxygen making 03. It immediately looks for a contaminant to release one of the oxygen molecules. Research shows the unstable electron of ozone blasts a hole through the membrane of viruses, bacteria, yeast, and abnormal tissue cells thereby destroying them. It has been suggested that ozone creates free radicals. The culprit in creating free radicals is toxins as produced by processed foods, stress and environmental contaminants.

    Medically administered ozone is the only way to get possibly toxic amounts of ozone. It is infused directly into the blood or body. In that case the health practitioner has to know that the ozone does not exceed the amount the protecting oxidative enzymes can handle. Even higher amounts can be given if the person has enough of the protective nutrients such as vitamin E and vitamin C. For colonics and insuflation a unit designed to use medical grade ozone must be used.

    Does your Magnetic Pulser show which side the Magnetic North (or South-Seeking) pole is?
    Yes. All our Magnetic Pulsers have either the North pole clearly marked, or on previous models North is always on the flat face of the coil - the side normally used against the body. North is to be described as South-Seeking.

    What is the difference between the Harmonic Quad Zapper and the Magnetic Pulser?
    The Harmonic Quad is a pulse generator that produces a multiplexed electrical signal at a fixed rate. The output is a dual frequency composite square wave. If you test Harmonic Quad unit output with a voltmeter, it will typically read around 2.5 volts, because it is measuring average voltage. The peak-to-peak voltage is about 8 volts, and can be seen on an oscilloscope. The "low battery" light will come on when the strength falls below 5.7 volts. Most zappers are powered with a 9 volt battery. The Harmonic Quad uses (2) 9 volt batteries.
    The Magnetic Pulser is designed to work with specific sites.

    What time of day should I use the Pulser? Should I use it before or after a meal?
    We have no documentation to indicate a preferable time for use of the pulsers. Fit their use to your schedule.

    What studies are there to prove the effectiveness of the units?
    To-date, none. Most health studies are funded by the pharmaceutical industry. There is no pool of funding for research on alternative therapies. We are collecting a body of knowledge based on case histories from health practitioners, live-blood cell analysis, kinesiology and customer feedback, but this is considered unscientific evidence. We are always investigating possibilities to do studies but have been unable to find a reputable organization to do them affordably.

    Why do the red and green lights go off when the stimulator probes are plugged in?
    This is a battery-saving feature.

    How long should a 9-volt alkaline battery last?
    Please ensure you are using an alkaline battery. We include a wall Adapter (6-12 volts, min. of 300 milliamps with center positive) to save on batteries.

    Do I need to remove the battery when using a wall Adapter?
    There is no need to remove the battery. The battery will automatically be bypassed when the wall Adapter is plugged in.

    Why doesn't The Zapper have the option to work off a wall Adapter?
    Several reasons:
    1) The specifications do not call for it.
    2) The battery lasts for months, so there really is no need to offer this.
    3) There would have to be conditioning circuitry in the unit to smooth out any of the 60 Hz line frequency so it would not interfere with the pure 30 kHz output. This is VERY important! The cost of the Zapper would go up as a result.
    4) Liability issues.

    Some other Zapper manufacturers alter the output waveform, frequency, and voltage. Is this more effective?
    It would be easy for us to alter the Zapper's output. Until evidence surfaces indicating differently, we have decided to continue manufacturing the Zapper per the original specifications. Keep in mind, this is an area of research and the altered waveforms may indeed be effective.

    Harmonic Quad FAQ's

    Why should I zap with a Harmonic Quad zapper?
    This depends on what you are trying to accomplish.
    a. To prevent infections - zap 3-5 minutes.
    b. To stop an infection, at its beginning stages, zap as soon as you detect the slightest symptom. The sooner you zap, the less damage the infection will cause.
    c. If you have an infection and do not have the necessary herbal combinations, to get rid of the infections, zap 3 minutes every hour or so until you can get the right herbal combination. The pathogens living in the digestive track will continue to invade the organs and tissues until you kill them with the prooper herbal combinations.

    The Harmonic Quad zapper has been used by thousands. Many have reported very exciting health benefits, and have overcome difficult health problems.

    What kind of circuit is Harmonic Quad zapper?
    The Harmonic Quad is a pulse generator that produces a multiplexed electrical signal at a fixed rate. The output is a dual frequency composite square wave. If you test Harmonic Quad unit output with a voltmeter, it will typically read around 2.5 volts, because it is measuring average voltage. The peak-to-peak voltage is about 8 volts, and can be seen on an oscilloscope. The "low battery" light will come on when the strength falls below 5.7 volts. Most zappers are powered with a 9 volt battery. The Harmonic Quad uses (2) 9 volt batteries.

    How long do the batteries last?
    This depends on the quality of the battery and the frequency of use.

    Dr Clark recommends Black Walnut Hulls, Artemesia and Cloves to use while using the Syncrozap.
    Will this combination work with the Harmonic Quad?
    Yes. However, you should know that the herbal combinations listed on our website work much better since they are formulated to address the weaknesses of Dr Clark's recommended herbal regimen.

    What makes the Harmonic Quad more effective that Syncrozap zappers?
    - First, the Harmonic Quad is a dual circuit. It is a pulse generator which produces a multiplexed electric signal at a fixed rate. The output is a dual frequency composite square wave. It contains the equivalent of 2 simple zappers, which run on two 9 volts batteries, instead on one.
    - Second, each circuit generates its own frequency; the two are specially chosen to work together synergistically to obtain the maximum penetration of body organs and of parasites, and give the maximum killing power while being harmless to body tissues.

    Why doesn't Harmonic Quad have an automatic timer built in like the automatic Syncrozap?
    A timer is not necessary since the zapping time is so short.
    Zapping 3-5 minutes is usually all that is necessary.

    But..... where do parasites come from?
    And how could 1 get infected? Surprise!
    Your best friend whether human or canine may have given you an introduction to the Suffering caused by parasitic infection. Get this picture. Your dainty poodle passes roundworm eggs in her stool. She licks herself and spreads the eggs all over her coat. She jumps up on your lap and gives you a sloppy kiss. You pet her well groomed coat. The eggs are now on vour hands, your clothing, the carpet and the upholstered furniture. You forget to wash your hands well before eating your sandwich. The eggs are now on your food. As you chew, the eggs are too small to be damaged by your teeth. You swallow them. Your digestion hasn't been good lately. There is not enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach to kill the eggs. They get through unscathed into your small intestine or colon where they hatch. The little worms then bore holes through the intestine wall. Next they hitch a ride to any organ in the moving stream of your blood. They bore into your heart, brain, kidney or any other organ and riddle it with tunnels like those in a wormy apple or they build their little houses and take up permanent residence at 110 Kidney Street. There they soak up the nutrients your blood brings for the tissues and dump their sewage into the fluid that bathes your cells. These cells are trying desperately to serve you and keep you healthy while surrounded by parasite waste. Their burrows have made holes in the nephrons so your kidneys are leaking proteins and other larger molecules into your urine.Other nephrons get stopped up with debris causing swelling, toxicity and poor electrolyte balance.

    The Cure For All DiseasesIn the book, The Cure For All Diseases,
    Dr. Clark describes how a variety of parasites
    can affect our health and longevity. Learn how
    you can improve your health by killing them
    with the Harmonic Quad.

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