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Harmonic Quad 5 Zapper

All zappers are frequency generators that generate a positively displaced square wave at special frequencies chosen to kill parasites effectively inside the body without doing damage to your tissues or organs. Harmonic Quad zappers are powered with two, nine volt batteries. All units now come with a 9 VAC adaptor so that they can use house current. The batteries do not need to be removed to use the adaptor.

How to use a Harmonic Quad zapper

  • Remove the zapper from the package.
  • Plug in the leads, the red lead in the red jack and the black in the black jack.
  • Install the two batteries.
  • Wrap each stainless steel handhold with a quarter of a paper towel and tuck the excess into the end of the tubes.
  • Plug the banana jacks into the stainless steel handholds.
  • Wet the paper towel covering the handholds.
  • Hold a handhold in each hand and turn on the switch. An LED will light in the switch when the unit is turned on (rectangular red light). There is a low battery indicator light that will come on when the battery is low (small bubble light). For killing parasites it does not matter which handhold is held in which hand. For healing it is best to hold the red handhold in the left hand and the black in the right.
  • You should zap at least three minutes. Warning: Do not start zapping if you cannot complete at least three minutes. If your zapping session gets interrupted, just start over and complete three minutes.

The beginning of each zapping session kills the larger parasites, but the larger parasites contain internal bacteria and viruses. By the end of the zapping session these bacteria and viruses are also killed as they come out of their dead hosts; or the current penetrates the dead hosts and kills them. If you do not kill the bacteria and viruses which are liberated, your immune system may be so busy cleaning up dead parasites that the bacteria and viruses will escape notice and cause an infection.

Experience has shown that three minutes is sufficient if done properly to kill most infectious agents. Wart viruses and a few other virus species are more resistant and may need repeated zapping between reflective blankets for longer times to be completely effective. Muscle test for the required time or zap for thirty minutes.

After killing the infectious agents continued zapping has proven very effective in healing damaged tissue. Muscle test to see the most beneficial length of time to zap daily for tissue repair. When using the Harmonic Quad for repair, polarity is important. The red lead should be in contact with the left side of the body and the black lead in contact with the right side.

When to zap with the Harmonic Quad zapper

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish.
  • If you are trying to prevent infections, zap once or twice daily for three minutes each time.
  • If you are trying to stop an infection at its beginning stages, zap as soon as you detect the slightest symptom. The sooner you zap the less damage the infection will cause. If you notice an infection coming on in the middle of the night, get up and deal with it immediately. In the morning when you wake up feeling well, you’ll be glad you did!
  • If you have an infection and don't have the necessary herbal combinations to get rid of the infection, zap for three minutes every hour or so until you can get the right herbal combination. The pathogens living in the digestive tract will continue to invade the organs and tissues until you kill them with the proper herbal combinations.
  • If you are trying to maximize blood health, zap for three minutes twice a day. Zapping restores the zeta potential (negative charge) on the surface of the red blood cells preventing them from clumping together.
  • If you are trying to heal damaged tissue, muscle test to see the optimum time to zap each day for best recovery.
  • If you are trying to recover from bites, or contact with plants that cause a skin reaction, zap for ten minutes immediately after the incident whether biting, stinging or plant contact.
  • If you are trying to recover from an asthma attack, zap immediately upon the start of the attack. Zap until you get relief.

Battery life

The battery life depends on the quality of the battery and the frequency of use. You will definitely get your money's worth if you don't forget to turn the switch off when you are finished! The Harmonic Quad now comes equipped with a 9 VAC adaptor. When it is used it automatically bypasses the battery and saves it for use where an electrical outlet is unavailable.

Electricity recieved through the body while using a Harmonic Quad

This varies somewhat due to slight differences in resistance to electricity flow from person to person. Dr. Overman measured with himself attached to a Harmonic Quad running on a 9 VAC adaptor. The current was only one half microamp.

Zapper importance

Dr. Overman does not go away from home overnight without taking one. He considers it the most important piece of equipment for self-health care. If you can afford it, buy the Harmonic Quad unit, for it is by far the best. If money is a problem, share the use and cost of a Harmonic Quad unit with another family.


Electricity passing from the metal electrodes into your body could cause metal ions to migrate into your body, thus increasing your load of toxins. The paper traps these metal ions so they do not enter your body.

Paper is an insulator and will not conduct enough electricity to make the electric current pass through your body unless it is moist. The moisture conducts electricity from the handhold into your body. If your water is very low in mineral content, add a sprinkle of salt to increase conductivity.

Easiest way to zap a baby or small child

Slip the handholds, one inside each sock, so the sock holds the wet paper-covered handholds against the child's bare legs.

When parasites are killed

Unless you have diarrhea, you are not likely to see any parasites. Even then you would only see the larger parasitic worms, which had been living in the intestinal tract. Most intestinal dwelling parasites will at least partially go through the digestion process and be compacted inside the stool. Parasites living inside the tissues and organs will be attacked and eaten by your white blood cells.

After initial zapping session

Many people, who have parasites in their muscles and organs and have been in pain, will get a measure of immediate relief when the parasites are killed. Of course, the organ or muscle will still be damaged and thus sore until healing takes place. Some people with a heavy parasite load will feel tired for a day or two after the initial zapping session, while their immune system destroys the dead parasites and neutralizes any toxins released. Some people feel no different at all until their damaged organs and tissues gradually heal. If your organs are severely damaged, you may not notice improvement until the second or third month of taking herbal combinations for repair.

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