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Private Healthcare Membership

Why must I Join Your Private Healthcare Membership
Association to Purchase Your Products?

If you know anything about alternative medicine, you know that the AMA, FDA, FTC and the pharmaceutical companies make life difficult for anyone who tries to manufacture, promote or sell anything, that actually helps people get well. They make so many laws that restrict what supplement manufacturers can do or say, that most supplements don't really do that much. We want to offer products that work extremely well, to actually fix numerous health problems.

We have found a solution to that huge problem!
Government agencies have a mandate to protect "the public" but have very limited jurisdiction over 1st and 14th amendment, private membership associations.
By being a private healthcare membership association, we are free to serve our members, with the help they so desparately need.

Do you really want the government to micromanage your healthcare choices? Joining a private membership association is a small price to pay for such a wonderful freedom - the freedom to take charge of your own health!

To become a member of the Precision Herbs Private Healthcare Membership Association, we ask you to read and fill out a membership contract.
It is available here as an Adobe pdf document.

The contract consists of 4 pages.
Please print ALL pages and return ALL pages.

Download the
membership contract here.

If you do not have the free Adobe viewer, you can download it here.

Please use one of the following methods to return the contract:
  • Fax it to 330-276-0411
  • Fax it to 720-222-8789
  • Scan and email: sales@precisionherbs.com
  • Mail to:
  • Precision Herbs
    A Private Healthcare Membership Association
    9804 Township Rd 89
    Killbuck, OH 44637
You do not need to send the $10 application fee.
The $10 fee will be charged on your first order, and
you will also recieve a $10 credit towards your purchase.

What is a private membership association?
Click here for more information.

Got questions?
Please call me, Debbie Allen at: 303-782-4842

order here

Call: 303-782-4842

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