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Harmonic Quad 5 Morgellon's Kit

Basic Morgellon Kit Deluxe Morgellon Kit
(Save $60.00)
  • Harmonic Quad 5 (HQ5)
  • Reflective Blankets (2)
  • Harmonic Antenna
  • Electrolysis Foot Tub
  • Mor-X, 160 caps
  • Puricell, 1 oz
  • Candida Diet
  • $3,100.00
    (Save $84.00)
  • Harmonic Quad 5 (HQ5)
  • Reflective Blankets (2)
  • Harmonic Antenna
  • Q Energy Spa Foot Bath
  • Mor-X, 60 caps
  • Puricell, 1 oz
  • Candida Diet

  • Morgellons disease is mysterious and controversial. Morgellons disease is a mysterious skin disorder characterized by disfiguring sores and crawling sensations on and under the skin.

    Harmonic Quad 5 Zapper
    Harmonic Quad 5 This advanced zapper kills bacteria, spirochetes, mycoplasmas, nanobacteria, weaponized bacteria, viruses, fungi, slime molds, mildews, and yeasts. It also denatures prions and animal venoms. It works fast!

    Operates on two 9-Volt batteries (included) or an AC power adapter (included).

    Harmonic Antenna

    Harmonic Antenna converts your Harmonic Quad 5 into a wireless zapper. The Harmonic Antenna kills bacteria, spirochetes, mycoplasmas, nanobacteria, viruses, fungi, slime molds, mildews, and yeasts but not weaponized bacteria.

    Mor-X, 160 Capsules
    Used historically to deactivate morgons.
    Suggested use: Take 6 capsules once a day to kill all internal arthropods, morgons, tapeworm spargamums, and mutagons. This works best when used with the electrolysis tub. It sometimes helps to do a wrap and zap technique with a Harmonic Transmitter and double reflective blankets.

    Ingredients: pau d ’arco bark, patchouli leaf, echinacea angustifolia, horseradish root, wintergreen leaf, white oak bark, oregano and wormwood.

    Puricell, 1 oz
    Puricell Used historically used to break open cells that contain invaders such as viruses, bacteria, mycoplasmas, roundworms, nanobacteria, spirochetes, mildews, slime molds, and protozoa. The invaders are then left exposed to the body.
    Ingredients: water (reverse osmosis), grain alcohol-12%, miracle II neutralizer, pomegranate, banana peel
    Suggested use: Take 1/2 teaspoon once a week for five weeks.

    Reflective Blankets (Set of 2)
    When zapping WITHOUT the reflective wrap, the skin acts as an antennae. Most of the electromagnetic force is thus dissipated at the skin. The reflective wrap reflects the electromagnetic force back into the skin so all of its killing power is released in the infective agents.

    Electrolysis Foot Tub

    Electrolysis Foot Tub attachment for the Harmonic Quad5 is used to remove ionic tox.ins from the body while also getting the benefit of zapping. Especially helpful for people with Morgellon's disease.

    Q Energy Foot Spa
    The The Q-36 Foot Spa is a bio-energy device that delivers a bio-charge to the body’s own frequency and recharges your electrical system to provide increased energy and to detoxify the dermal skin layers.
    Not to be confused with ionic bath therapies, the Q-36 Foot Spa carefully developed bio-charge system has achieved a rate of success that has not been achieved using any other principles.

    Morgellon's Photos

    What is Morgellons disease?
    Morgellons disease is mysterious and controversial. Here you'll find answers to common questions about Morgellons disease — and suggestions for coping with it.

    Morgellons disease is a mysterious skin disorder characterized by disfiguring sores and crawling sensations on and under the skin. Although Morgellons disease isn't widely recognized as a medical diagnosis, experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are investigating reports of the condition, which they refer to as unexplained dermopathy.

    If you suspect that you have Morgellons disease, you may have many questions about the condition. Here's what you need to know about Morgellons disease, including practical tips for managing your signs and symptoms.
      Morgellons Disease Symptoms:
    • Rashes
    • Non-healing skin lesions
    • Skin lesions, often accompanied by pain or intense itching
    • Unusual structures/fibers on or under the skin that look like granules and filaments
    • Fibers — which may be white, blue, red or black — in and on the lesions
    • Crawling sensations on and under the skin, often compared to insects moving, stinging or biting
    • Joint and muscle pain
    • Fatigue significant enough to interfere with daily activity
    • Inability to concentrate and difficulty with short-term memory
    • Most sufferers test positive for Lyme disease (borreliosis)
    • Burning or itching sensation as if small parasites are crawling on or under the skin.
    • Behavioral changes
      Other signs and symptoms may include:
    • Changes in vision
    • Stomach pain or other gastrointestinal symptoms
    • Changes in skin texture and color
    Morgellons disease shares characteristics with various recognized conditions, including attention-deficit disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder and a mental illness involving false beliefs about infestation by parasites (delusional parasitosis).

    How long has Morgellons disease been around?
    In 1674, English physician and writer Sir Thomas Browne used the term "Morgellons disease" to describe "black hairs" emerging from childhood skin lesions. Today, the Morgellons Research Foundation doesn't claim that the disorder described by Browne is the same as Morgellons disease. Rather, the foundation adopted the term as a convenient label for a set of signs and symptoms.

    How widespread is Morgellons disease?
    Reports of Morgellons disease have been made in every state in the United States and various countries around the world. Most reported cases are clustered in California, Texas and Florida.

    What do researchers know about Morgellons disease?
    Beyond anecdotal reports, researchers know little about Morgellons disease. The Morgellons Research Foundation reports no known causes of Morgellons disease and no successful treatment for the condition. Whether Morgellons disease is contagious remains a mystery.

    How controversial is Morgellons disease?
    Current attitudes toward Morgellons disease fall into various categories:
    • Some health professionals believe that Morgellons disease is a specific condition likely to be confirmed by future research.
    • Some health professionals believe that signs and symptoms of Morgellons disease are caused by another condition, often mental illness.
    • Other health professionals don't acknowledge Morgellons disease or are reserving judgment until more is known about the condition.
    Some people who suspect Morgellons disease claim they've been ignored, criticized as delusional or dismissed as fakers. In contrast, some doctors say that people who report signs and symptoms of Morgellons disease typically resist other explanations for their condition.

    More information: What is Morgellon's?

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