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Using Thieves Oil in Combating Morgellons
Thieves Oil is well known for its anti-bacterial,
anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral activity.

Thieves Oil is a great choice for Morgellons.
See some of the uses below here:

Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils cross the Blood Brain barrier.

The Origin of Thieves Oil

Thieves Oil originated in the age of the bubonic plague in Europe. The people of 15th century Europe contracted the disease and were killed by the thousands. This presented an opportunity for a gang of thieves. This gang would rob the homes of the dead and dying. The authorities didn't make much of an effort to catch the criminals because they assumed the thieves would soon succumb to the deadly effects of the contaminated homes that they robbed. When the burglaries didn't stop, the authorities finally went after the thieves.
The authorities finally caught the thieves and offered to be lenient in their punishment if they would give up their secret.

How did the four thieves keep from getting the plague after putting themselves in harm's way time and time again? The thieves explained that they were spice traders and perfumers, and that they had concocted a formula of natural oils that kept illness away. The thieves would put the oil on their hands, feet, temples, and ears.

The Science Behind Thieves Oil
In 1997 Weber State University conducted a study on Four Thieves Oil. They found that this formula had a 99.96% level of effectiveness against airborne bacterias. They also found that bacteria, viruses, and fungi can't survive in the presence of oils high in carvocrol, thymol, phenols, and terpenes.

Modern Uses of Thieves Oil
Many people use Thieves Oil today to prevent and cure illness. When taken by the internally, (
Inner Defense) it can help boost the immune system. Some diffuse it into the air to kill airborne bacteria. It can also be dabbed directly onto the skin, but people with sensitive skin should avoid this method of using the oil because it can cause irritation.

Besides preventing personal illness, Thieves Oil can also be used to get rid of mold and other household fungi. Young Living has formulated Thieves Household cleaner containing thieves oil blend to utilize all the different capabilities of this powerful formula.

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