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Web Hosting at WebDeb.Com. We offer customized Web development and some of the best web hosting deals to be had. We offer basic shared hosting as well as full-blown private server options. Call us today at 319-208-1929 for details to find what hosting option fits your company as well as your budget.

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Web Hosting

Hosting Options: Man and woman looking at computer monitor WebDeb.Com offers customized Web development

Web hosting services require a separate contract, from our web design service. The client agrees to select a service that allows WebDeb, LLC full access to the website. Also a CPanel directory or upload via FTP. Just know that you the client will be very comfortable with our web services.

Simple Pages to Full Blown Private Servers

Not every business needs an eCommerce presence, and not every company can afford one. Sometimes, you just need a simple page listing with your hours and location. Maybe you like to do a little blogging? Ask us what functionality is required for you to keep your business’s exposure interesting. All within an affordable price.

Hosting Services:

Our server network is connected to the Internet by high-speed connectivity combined with exceptionally fast and reliable servers. We guarantee breakneck access to your website and 99.5% uptime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cost is a critically important consideration when selecting a web host. But while it’s true that you get what you pay for, it’s also true that every penny counts. We offer some of the best deals to be had. We offer basic as well as full-blown private server options. Call for details to find what option fits your company as well as your budget.


Setup Fee: $80 (Pay Here)

– Fees are based on monthly, quarterly, or annual fees.

12 months, Pre-Paid: 

$200.00 (Pay Here)
(Valued at $16.00/month)

Quarterly, 3 months, Pre-Paid:

$99.99 (Pay Here)
(Valued at $33.00/month)

Paid Monthly, Pre-pay:

$39.95 (Pay Here)
(Valued at $39.95/month)

Included in Host Fees

POP3 Mailboxes
– (2) users@yourdomain.com
Data Storage 50 MB

Domain Reservation Fees:

Prepay Domain Registration: $30.00 (Pay Here)

Add an extra $25.00 if you also are reserving a new domain name. Transfer domains do not incur this fee.

The rates shown are for hosting only. Domain Name fees (if you are purchasing a new domain name) are separate from these fees and are $25.00/domain name for 1 year. Domain Transfers do not incur any extra fees. Ask us about designing your website with hosting.