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Zapper Harmonic Quad 5

The Harmonic Quad 5 (HQ5) WAS the king of zappers! The HQ5 has been known to help eliminate pathogens. This is clearly one of the ultimate zappers. It works fast! However, Dr. Overman’s company, Precision Herbs went out of business in 2011.




January 2023

I continue to receive calls about this fabulous tool and the healing accessories that Dr. Overman built for it. This site is a place to share your stories and market any tools that you may have to sell.

Do you own any of these tools?

Would you like to sell them? I offer consignment for all excellent used zappers and accessories. Please contact me if you have one or are looking for one.

Harmonic Quad5 and Accessories

Zapper antenna
Harmonic Antenna

2010 Harmonic Antenna
2010 Harmonic Antenna

Agriculture Harmonic Transmitter
Ag. Harmonic Transmitter

Chemtrail Buster
Chemtrail Buster

Health Assessment Video Set
Health Assessment Video Set

Zapper HQ5

Overcoming Parasites Naturally Paperback 2004
Overcoming Parasites  2004

Overcoming Parasites Naturally 2006
Overcoming Parasites Naturally 2006

This list of images on this page presents some of the most popular items.

Feel free to contact me HERE.

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